Debbie Buckland wrote on Feb, 22, 2011 My family and I are Ok
Earthquake 6.3 in my city of Christchurch.
My family and I are ok and safe.
We are lucky. Our house is still livable and still standing.
Just got power put on. Have water but have to boil it. We are not allowed to flush the toilet at present.

Aftershocks keep happening.
I’ve fallen apart several times.
Kids are remaining strong.
Hubby is a nurse and working hard at the hospital.
We are all having sleepless nights.

All posts after this has been nonscheduled before the quake.

will keep you updated as I can


  1. Oh my goodness, thank God you and your family are safe. We were without power for the past couple days with the ice storm, and know what its like to not be able to flush our toilets, ack! Guess we shouldn't have been complaining considering what you guys are going through, how awful.
    Stay safe, Sher

  2. Debbie and all of the people affected by this earthquake are in my thoughts.


  3. praying that you and your family stay safe my friend.

  4. So glad to hear that your friend is safe. All those affected are in my prayers.


  5. So thankful that you and your family are safe. I am praying for your continued safety!

  6. I am so grateful that Debbie and her family is safe.

  7. Oh my I'm so glad that you are ok. I will keep your family and all the earthquake victims in my thoughts and prayers.


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